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Tired of Being Called a Rookie?

Ever get booted from a game cause someone called you a "rookie" and wonder how they picked you out even before the game started?<br /><br /> If you can avoid the "don'ts" and do the "do's" below people will stop calling you a "rookie" and you will begin to find yourself on the friends' list of better and better players.

Introduction to Hotkeys

I have taken the time to put down all the possible hotkey's in this post, including some stuff not in the manual. I hope this will help a lot of the newcomers here, who need help with micromanagement skills.

PC Powerplay Gameguide

Age of Kings Heaven had the honor of being covered in the 2001 edition of PC Powerplay's popular Gameguide series. This article is from a while back, and because of that, everything should be viewed in the context of 2001, the year the Conquerors was released. The article gave AoKH a rating of 85% whilst Ensemble Studios received a rating of 75%.