Tag: Saladin

Saladin 1: “An Arabian Knight”

Right when you start the scenario, you will be attacked. The Western Frankish units which will attack you will be 8 Men at Arms and 1 Knight. Because it is a small warring party, you should kill them quite easily, attacking the Knight with Camels and the Men at Arms with the other units in your army. Move East to find the river, and follow it, moving South. Soon you should encounter an Egyptian mill.

Saladin 4: “The Siege of Jerusalem”

You should order 3 of your villagers to build your Town Center near the nearby Gold and trees. Order the other villager to build a wall, starting from a bit north of some Stone, (which is north of your starting point), South-West(until you reach a hill), and then build the wall across to the cliff near your starting point. Just close the gap between the cliff and the trees, and you are 'sealed'.

Saladin 5: “Jihad!”

Although the 1st attack will be 13 minutes into the game, you need to build up an army, as there will be many attacks following the 1st one. Order your fishing ships to fish deep sea fish(do not fish shore fish, as they gather slower than deep sea fish). Train more villagers, and order them to gather resources. When you have enough stone, build a Castle on the Eastern corner of your city. In order for it to fit, destroy one of your houses.

Saladin 2: “Lord of Arabia”

When you start up, wall in you village, using choke points. Train more villagers, and line your walls with towers, 2 per large section. Also, Build towers along the shore, as you will be attacked from the sea by Reynalds' Pirates. Because Towers have a bonus attack against Ships, they are vital in holding your land in the beginning of the scenario. Build a dock and 2 Galleys, and advance to the Castle Age.

Saladin 3: “The Horns of Hattin”

Order your Villagers to kill your sheep, and train more, ordering them to gather the 2 other resources. At the start of the scenario, a Mining Camp will appear West of your city, so you may mine gold there. Add 2 more layers of Palisade Walls to your existing walls. Advance to the Castle Age, and during the time you are advancing, stockpile as much Wood as you can.

Saladin 6: “The Lion and the Demon”

It is best to change your game speed to slow (if you haven't already), because you will have to do a very large amount of things in a very short amount of time. Separate your villagers near your town center into 3 equal groups, and order them to build 2 layers of stone walls, sealing the 3 cliff openings outside your city, which your watch towers are just outside of. Build a gate in one of the walls, so you can move units out. Although there are 2 openings on both sides of the cliff (one in between trees and the coast, and one between cliffs and the coast), do not seal them, yet.