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Attila the Hun 1: “The Scourge of God”

This is the first campaign in the <em>Conquerors </em>expansion, and as such it's important to note that your population limit varies throughout the campaign. In this scenario, the limit is 125 units: 50 units higher than in the original <em>Age of Kings </em>game! (Or for that matter, the first scenario in the Montezuma campaign, featured in the demo.) Also, since you play as the Huns, your "available housing" is automatically set to this limit, without the need to waste time and timber on Houses. With that said, let's saddle up for the Fifth Century!

Attila the Hun 2: “The Great Ride”

Your population in this scenario is a mere 75 units. Fortunately, only two of your enemies will put up any resistance, and neither of them is very aggressive.

Attila the Hun 3: “The Walls of Constantinople”

This scenario is more about resource management than anything else, especially since you can't build Markets. Don't be afraid to re-task your Villagers, and keep your eyes on the 10,000-gold prize.

Attila the Hun 4: “A Barbarian Betrothal”

Fun Fact! The relationships between Attila, Aetius, and the Burgundian king Gunther, were a bit more complicated than presented here. For example, Aetius actually hired Attila to defeat the Burgundians in the 430s -- a war which, over a thousand years later, comes down to us as the <em>Nibelungenlied</em> -- then Aetius hired the Burgundians to settle the Rhone valley during the 440s. When Attila declared war on Aetius in 450, only half the Burgundians remained in Roman employ, while the other half apparently saw the Huns as the lesser of two evils.

El Cid 5: “King of Valencia”

The walkthrough to the fifth El Cid scenario!

El Cid 6: “Reconquista”

The walkthrough to the sixth El Cid scenario!

Attila the Hun 5: “The Catalaunian Fields”

Also known as the Battle of Chalons, this was the Roman Empire's last hurrah. While the empire itself staggered along for another 25 years, its military was utterly and permanently obliterated. Accomplishing this will be your task.

Attila the Hun 6: “The Fall of Rome”

Rome, of course, will not be falling in this final scenario. But "The Fall of Aquileia, Milan, Padua, and Verona" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Battles of the Conquerors 3: “Hastings, 1066”

The walkthrough to the Battle of Hastings scenario!

Battles of the Conquerors 4: “Manzikert, 1071”

The walkthrough to the Battle of Manzikert scenario!