Tag: Triggers

Level Dynamics

In a guide I wrote a while ago, I touched on a wonderful addition to any campaign called level dynamics. In this guide, I plan to go further in-depth in the intricacies of that addition.

Triggering Events Through Typing

We all play those campaigns (here by referred to as CPXS or CPNS) where you type a password to open a gate or you type '1' to say yes to that chubby blacksmith to buy a sword. You wonder how they did it, right? (Not the smith... the designer.) Well, your awe is over! In this AI guide you will find multiple ways to pull off this seemingly impossible feat!

Scenario Editor Trigger Tutorial

A <b>Trigger</b> is what you might expect - something that activates and executes a command, and in this case, this will take place within the scenario itself (such as if you get a certain unit to an area, you will win the scenario). The Age of Kings editor has evolved a lot since the original Age of Empires (which was reliant on AI because it contained no trigger capabilities at all) and has enabled designers to create two new genres - RPG and RPS.

Make Scenario Triggers using PHP Script

I am working on my "PHP Genie" project which reads/edits/writes Scenarios and Saved-Games. Currently, I am starting version 2. I will however give a few snippets from version 1 which is still a beta. Version 3 will have a User-Interface. I also intend to make a mini-map viewer in version 3 or 4.

Inverted Triggers

Inverted conditions are like saying "If not", instead of "if"... Meaning that the trigger will only fire if the conditions are not met!