Tag: Troubleshooting

No Background Music Fix

This tutorial aims to fix this problem and allow you to (finally! after all these years!) once again be able to enjoy the full AoE experience, provided you have the soundtrack as an .mp3 file (e.g. a quick scan of your Aoe II CD should yield you the Age of Kings soundtrack). If I am not mistaken, it is a 30 minute long music file.

Windows 7 Toxic Grass Fixes

Well, if you're reading this you have the problem that pretty much every AOC fan has the moment they start up that new computer. Your grass and trees have turned into a plethora of reds, purples, and pinks. The ocean looks like something from Halo has imploded inside it, causing it to take on a rather unwholesome appearance similar to what you experience on the land. Simply put, your colors have inverted and your screen is seizure inducing.

Game-Crash Troubleshooting

All designers, no matter what their skill level or graphics card, will invariably come across crashes at some point or other. Like death and taxes, they are a part of life. I have been waging a perpetual war against them these last few years, and I believe that I understand everything about them.

How to Create a Quick Backup of Your Files

For modders and scenario designers creating backups is a must. Often you'll have done something which causes your game or scenario to crash so it's nice if you can go back to a working version, preferably as recent as possible. Well it's possible to automate this by using a windows batch file and I'll quickly show you how it's done.