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New UI for Mods

Every mod has to have a properly designed UI for each civilization. It's not very accurate that the new civilization of the -for example- Zulus to have an User Interface from the Japanese or the Goths.

Adding New Icons with Turtle Pack

This guide will go over how to add SLPs to the interfac.drs file to add new icons. Note that most mods do not keep the unit icons in the interfac.drs file but commonly move it to the gamedata_x1_p1.drs to reduce the file size of the mod.

Adding User Interface For New Civilizations

If like me you have always wanted to add THAT civilization you felt was missing from the game, you may have tried to do so thaks to the UserPatch following <a href="/university/modding/adding-new-civilizations-using-userpatch/">this guide</a>, but you will then realize that when trying ingame, the civilization lacks the User Interface. In this article we will look at how to add new UI.