Attila the Hun 1: "The Scourge of God"

Article written by Cataphractos
Published on 07-04-2016; updated on 07-05-2016
Tags: Conquerors Campaigns, Attila the Hun

Civilizations: Huns (you -- Huns), Bleda's Huns (ally -- Huns), Scythians (enemy -- Mongols), Persians (enemy -- Persians), Western Roman Empire (neutral -- Byzantines)

Starting Units: 3 Horses

Starting Buildings: None

Starting Resources: None

Starting Age: Dark Age

Heroes: Atilla the Hun

Most Useful Units: Tarkans, Mangudai

Most Useful Technologies: Bloodlines, Husbandry


This is the first campaign in the Conquerors expansion, and as such it's important to note that your population limit varies throughout the campaign. In this scenario, the limit is 125 units: 50 units higher than in the original Age of Kings game! (Or for that matter, the first scenario in the Montezuma campaign, featured in the demo.) Also, since you play as the Huns, your "available housing" is automatically set to this limit, without the need to waste time and timber on Houses. With that said, let's saddle up for the Fifth Century!

Sibling Rivalry

While Attila (a beefed-up Cataphract) can kill Bleda (a souped-up Mangudai), you're better off luring the Iron Boar to him and waiting for nature to take its course. The beast is just as happy to gore Attila as his brother, so if it goes for you, keep away from Bleda until it switches targets. Only when Bleda is dead should you head back home. When a gang of Archers accuse you of murder, make sure that you only attack them, not the Tarkans they've stirred up against you. As soon as the Archers are out of the way, Bleda's Huns surrender their town, a distant Stable, and all of their units.

The road running south of your town leads to a bridge. Station Attila and the Hun Commander here to guard it, while your Tarkans wipe out the Dire Wolf and damaged Watch Tower that stand between the town and your isolated Stable. (Don't worry: a half-dozen Tarkans can take down anything short of a Castle or Town Center.) While you train Villagers -- about two dozen to gather resources, and another half-dozen to build and repair, will suffice for any scenario in this campaign -- explore the map with your Scout Cavalry. Avoid the shallows, behind which lurk the Scythians (southwest) and Persians (southeast). You should find plenty of Horses -- which will come in handy later -- along with deer and forage bushes to exploit, although you'll need to start farming eventually. Research the Feudal and Castle Ages ASAP.

Romans and Scythians

Yes, I know the Scythians were conquered centuries before Attila was born. Yes, I know that medieval historians applied the name "Scythians" to pretty much every obscure tribe from eastern Europe: Alans, Avars, Scirians. Look, just slap a pair of Watch Towers on the southwestern shallows when you hit Feudal, and stop worrying about it. Don't even bother to attack them. You'll be fine.

The minute you reach the Castle Age, defend your side of the bridge with a Castle and garrison any surviving troops there to heal. (If necessary, visit the Market for the stone you need.) While they rest up, research Forging and Iron Casting, then send your Tarkans to the Persian walls just east of your town. Knock down their Gate and Mining Camp, and build a Mining Camp of your own in its place. The Persian navy will harass any Villagers sent here, so build another Watch Tower to protect them. Research Scale and Chain Barding, train a few Archers, and send them with Attila and the Tarkans across the bridge to the Roman fort.

Destroy the Roman towers and military buildings with your Tarkans, while Attila and a few Archers keep the Roman troops off their backs. Engineer an alliance with the Scythians by freeing their Scout Cavalry, trapped with a dozen Hun Villagers in the southern corner of the fort. When you have 650 stone to spare, send the Villagers across the shallows to the Persian city, where they can build and garrison another Castle next to the Persian gold mines, just outside the Gates. At the same time, bring Attila and ten Horses to the Scythian camp; you'll recieve 18 Mangudai for your trouble, along with access to the extremely profitable Scythian Market. Train a Trade Cart to take advantage of this situation, and research Caravan, Bloodlines, and Husbandry, along with all remaining Blacksmith and Town Center technologies.

The Persians

Slip your Tarkans back into the Castle on the bridge, and train more Tarkans until you have a total of 30. By the time they're all trained, healed, and upgraded, your Castle outside the Persian walls should have destroyed most of the buildings within range, including at least one of the Guard Towers behind their Gates.

Once the Castle runs out of targets, sweep in with your Tarkans and Mangudai. Demolish the Gates and leftover Guard Towers with the former, while using the latter to kill any Persian units you find. When the War Elephants inevitably show up, tempt them into range of your Castle with Mangudai hit-and-run attacks. Now run your Tarkans up the city streets -- avoiding the coast and its annoying War Galleys -- to the Town Center which the Persians have aptly placed in the center of their town. The building will fall in less than a minute, its formerly garrisoned Villagers will be mopped up in seconds, and you will be victorious!

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