Saladin 6: "The Lion and the Demon"

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Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
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Saladin Campaign:
» An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon

Scenario Objectives: Build a wonder and hold it for 200 years

Civilizations: You(Saracen), Franks-Enemy(Franks), Genoese-Enemy(Byzantines), Knights Templar-Enemy(Teutons), Persian Outpost-Ally(Persians), Richard-Enemy(Britons), Jerusalem-Enemy(Byzantines)

Starting Units: 9 Villagers, 4 Fishing Ships, 4 Galleons, 7 Mamelukes, 2 Onagers, 6 Archers of the Eyes

Starting Buildings: 7 Keeps, 3 Docks, 1 Market, 1 Mining Camp, 1 Town Center, 1 Archery Range, 1 Barracks, 2 Stables, 2 Blacksmiths, 47 Houses, 2 Castles, 6 Outposts, 1 Tower of Flies, 1 Accursed Tower, 1 University, 2 Siege Workshops

Starting Resources: 1500 Wood, 500 Food, 1000 Gold, 1000 Stone

Starting Age: Imperial Age

Gaia Units: None

Style of Gameplay: Wall in, quickly build a wonder

Heroes: The Tower of Flies, The Accursed Tower

Important Note: The only objective is to hold a wonder for 200 years, so act defensively, do not by aggressive.

Most Useful Units:

Mamelukes: You should center your army around this unit, because it can be used greatly defensively. Because of their ranged attack that gives melee damage, they can destroy battering rams from behind walls. They can reach trouble spots very quickly, because of their relatively high speed. Their bonus attack vs. cavalry units allows them to kill cavalry easily from behind walls, as they have a ranged attack. Although they are not as quick as heavy cavalry, they still can "chase them down". Along with these two attributes, they can be used to use a hit and run tactic against infantry.

Galleons: Because you will be attacked very often, by Genoese from the sea, you need to build these war ships. Supported by fire ships, your navy should hold off the Genoese until your wonder is held for 200 years. You can also station them beside your city, and attack any enemy ground unit within their range. Because of their high attack relative to ground units, they can kill a unit quickly and easily. If you mass them, you can reduce an army to a pile of bodies(not to seem morbid, but that is what will happen).

Most Useful Technologies:

Conscription: You need to produce units quickly, and this technology will increase your unit production speed by %33. Unfortunately, this will only affect the speed at barracks, archery ranges, stables, and castles, but because most of your units produced in this scenario will be produced at one of these buildings. This 150 food 150 gold technology is researched at the castle.

Chemistry: Chemistry adds +1 attack to all projectile shooting units. This will seriously help your defense, as it will equal up to an incredible amount of extra damage, as your walls are lined with towers. This will also allow you to produce Hand Cannoneers, archery units with an incredible attack. This 300 food 200 gold technology can be researched at the university.

Chapter 1: Strengthen your defenses

It is best to change your game speed to slow (if you haven't already), because you will have to do a very large amount of things in a very short amount of time. Separate your villagers near your town center into 3 equal groups, and order them to build 2 layers of stone walls, sealing the 3 cliff openings outside your city, which your watch towers are just outside of. Build a gate in one of the walls, so you can move units out. Although there are 2 openings on both sides of the cliff (one in between trees and the coast, and one between cliffs and the coast), do not seal them, yet. This is because the enemy units will go straight for your walls, not thin out trying to enter through the two, space wide, openings. Because they will get thinned out, your towers should have an easy job killing the units, one by one. Garrison your Archers of the Eyes in the accursed tower, and you will have 1 archer left. Garrison him in one of your towers in the eastern part of your city. Train 1 archer and garrison him in the same tower. Next, train many villagers, and order them to gather wood, food, and gold. Keep producing villagers, and seal off the 2 gaps in the cliff. When you have the required resources, start to build your wonder, only a few pixels north of your southernmost castle near the sea. You will need to destroy some of your houses to be able to fit the massive building, so do so. Attacks from your enemies will increase, and move your Mamelukes to your outer walls, killing any units that comes by. If you are attacked by siege weapons that out-range your Mamelukes, move your units out of the walls(via gate), and quickly destroy the engine.

Chapter 2: Hold off your enemy attacks

Soon, your walls should fall, because of either bombard cannons or trebuchets that will be too numerous to destroy. Before that happens, build another layer of your city walls, and move all of your available troops to the edge of your city. Attacks from Genoese will increase, so move your galleons and fire ships north-west of your city, to intercept the war ships. At 25:00, the Persian Outpost will launch their transport ship to your city. It will land at around 25:50, and it will unload 5 elite war elephants, and will give the units to you. Move them near your wonder, and it should be completed(if it is not already). Wall off the area around your wonder, and build another castle. Continue gathering resources and training units, and send the units to attack your enemies at your walls. Build another castle on the edge of your city, and your outer wall soon should fall. All of the enemy units will be trying to destroy your wall, and increase your attacks against them. Your city wall will collapse, so order your units to fight to the death. Move your elite war elephants out, and they should kill a massive amount of enemy troops. Train more and more troops, sending them the the front line when they are produced. The wonder clock will be entering it's final years. Move all troops to attack the enemy troops, and keep your villagers stationed beside your wonder, repairing it when it is damaged. Also, repair the walls until they are taken down. If the wonder clock hasn't finished, the enemy troops will focus on destroying your wonder. Use all of your units, even your villagers, to distract the enemy troops, you must keep that wonder standing. The wonder clock should finish now(if it hasn't already), and you will have finished this scenario and the Saladin Campaign.
Saladin Campaign:
» An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon